Technical characteristics of the new Mercedes Benz C63 AMG

The network has information about the sports sedan Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. In addition, data were also published about the S version, which is equipped with a larger engine. The Paris motor show will premiere these cars. Only 4 seconds…

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Porsche Panamera price USA & Specifications

Porsche Panamera became another machine that allowed to expand the Porsche Panamera model range of the legendary manufacturer. The first sales started in 2009, and already in 2013 restyling fastback  Panamera. The car can be attributed to the Grand Tourismo class. Of…

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Known price for the new Kia Soul (photo) 2017 model

One of the most popular models of the Korean auto concern in our country is Kia Soul. Recently, the manufacturer updated it. There is information that the updated “Soul” of the 2016 model year is already in the factory in…

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New Porsche 911 price, photo, video, equipment, specifications Porsche 911

  The new Porsche 911 has already entered the Russian market. The legendary sports car Porsche 911 last year was bought in the amount of 237 pieces, not bad considering the cost of the car. The car has been produced…

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Kia Picanto

A new generation Kia Picanto (photo) will soon appear

Korean automaker Picanto revealed the secrets of the third generation compact hatchback Kia Picanto at the end of last year. Recently, it became known when an updated model appeared in the dealers’ salons. It should be noted that the manufacturer plans to…

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New Volvo XC90 2015 price, photo, video, technical characteristics of the Volvo XC90 2015

The new Volvo XC90 2015 model year became a highly anticipated car. It is the Volvo XC90 2015 should be the standard, whose templates will be created by the rest of the lineup. The use of new approaches to the…

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BMW coupe 4 series

BMW has updated the BMW coupe 4 series (photo)

Details of the restyling BMW coupe 4 series of its two-door model BMW coupe 4 series Bavarian company declassified a few months ago. Now the company decided that it was the right time to present a “live car”. However, the producer…

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Convertible Mercedes Benz

Convertible Mercedes Benz E-class is officially presented

The modification of the Convertible Mercedes Benz E-Class 2017 in the open version of the cabriolet was presented by the German automaker. A feature of the novelty is the presence of a fabric roof folding type. A significant number of…

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Ferrari California T

New Ferrari California T with turbo engine, photo, technical characteristics | RSC

Ferrari California T Photos and technical specifications of the new California coupe-cabriolet was unveiled by Ferrari. Now the sports car will have in its equipment a motor with a turbo power rating of 560 hp. The presence of the turbo power…

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