The Volkswagen Jetta Engine Device and Specification

The engine of  Volkswagen Jetta Engine for the market is exclusively gasoline. Today, on domestic versions of the Volkswagen Jetta, you can meet 4 versions of motors of different capacities from 85 to 150 horsepower. The first two power units…

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Engine Toyota Corolla, specifications, device

The Engine Toyota Corolla or rather the engines that are installed on the Russian version of the Toyota Corolla sedan are very interesting. Firstly, they are all gasoline and similar in construction. These are in-line four-cylinder 16-valve units with an…

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Engine Datsun mi DO (hatchback) specifications

  The main Datsun mi DO engine before this gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters with 87 hp. Modern this power unit can not, because its various modifications are installed on Lada cars for many years. This is an…

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Engine BMW X5 specifications, device, features|RSC

    In Russia, BMW X5 is currently sold with gasoline and diesel engines with supercharging. Today, let’s talk about the technical characteristics of these engines. Gasoline engines X5 have a volume of 3 and 4.4 liters, this is an…

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Engine Nissan Terrano device, specifications

The engine of Nissan Terrano petrol 4-cylinder 16-valve. It is this power unit that is installed on the new Nissan Terrano. True two engines, one working volume 1.6 liters, the other 2.0. Their power is different, 102 horsepower and 135…

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Nissan Almera

Engine Nissan Almera specifications

The engine of Nissan Almera is a gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.6 liters. Four-cylinder 16-valve power unit produces 102 hp. The most interesting thing is that the Almera engine is well known by many Renault models. On…

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Engine Datsun

Engine Datsun on-DO device, timing, characteristics | RSC

Engine Datsun before like the general platform, domestic. If you look under the hood of Datsun, you will find there a painfully familiar motor, the ancestor of which was still on the VAZ 2108. This engine was certainly modernized, but…

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Ferrari California T

New Ferrari California T with turbo engine, photo, technical characteristics | RSC

Ferrari California T Photos and technical specifications of the new California coupe-cabriolet was unveiled by Ferrari. Now the sports car will have in its equipment a motor with a turbo power rating of 560 hp. The presence of the turbo power…

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