A New Toyota Camry Exclusive

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The St. Petersburg plant Toyota, where they assembled the popular Toyota Camry Exclusive business-class sedan (and set up the production of the Rav4 crossover) introduced a new modification of the Exclusive. The new version of the car received bright strokes in the exterior and a better finish of the interior. In addition, there was a new multimedia system, which became the main feature of the new Toyota Camry Exclusive.

A New Toyota Camry Exclusive

The Exclusive modification is sold with a standard petrol 2.5 liters atm, paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Among the options you can note the original light alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, as optics xenon headlights. In addition, the salon was able to wirelessly charge the phone. It is enough to put the mobile phone on a special mat and the battery will start charging. The price of such a complete set of Toyota Camry Exclusive is a considerable $ 25k. That is about 25 thousand dollars at the current rate.

Toyota Camry Exclusive Dasboard
Toyota Camry Exclusive Dashboard

If in the basic version buyers are offered a leather salon of black color, then in the Camry Exclusive version the salon has a light beige leather interior. At the same time, the quality of leather interior is much better. In this you can see the photographs in our article.

Toyota Camry Exclusive SideView
Toyota Camry Exclusive Side-view

You can buy Toyota Camry in US or any other part of the world Toyota operates in more than 100 countries. In addition to selling Camry, the dealer center offers quality service and repair of this model. For what in own technical center there is a newest equipment. Many years of experience of the masters will quickly reveal and correct any technical trouble.

Toyota Camry Exclusive Navigator
Toyota Camry Exclusive Navigator

But the main feature of Toyota Camry Exclusive is not only an aggressive appearance, a bright interior with wood inserts, but a multimedia system with a built-in large monitor. In the electronic brains of multimedia, two navigation systems are built in.

Toyota Camry Exclusive front

“Navitel Navigator” can work without access to the Internet, guided by signals from GPS satellites and GLONASS. If you have access to a free Wi-Fi network (which will soon cover the entire central part of Moscow), you can use the online applications Navitel.Probki, Weather, Chat, and others. Moreover, the manufacturer promises that if you want you can download other applications, if pre-installed than something that does not suit the driver.

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